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What actually is an Internship ?

An internship is a period of work experience offered by an employer to give students and graduates exposure to the working environment, often within a specific industry, which relates to their field of study. Internships can be as short as a week or as long as 12 months. They can be paid or voluntary; however, before you start an internship it’s important to know your rights with regards to getting paid. Internships can be done in a range of sectors, including sales, marketing, engineering, graphic design, management, I.T. and many, many more. Throughout an internship you will develop a variety of soft skills, including communication skills, personal effectiveness, presentation skills, creative problem solving and influencing skills. ‘On-the-job’ experience can be as valuable as anything learned in your studies. After all, you cannot really understand what a job is all about until you have worked in that environment. Internships are great opportunities to speak directly to people who have experience in the role you aspire to; and their knowledge of the job and working environment will give you a greater understanding of what it’s all about and what you need to do to progress. Your career aspirations may change when you’re faced with the true realities of a role. Internships can therefore be used as a ‘try before you buy’ option, before you embark on a career and confirm if this is what you want to do in the long term.
Our goal is to provide opportunities for people of different cultures to come together to learn about other points of view and ways of life. We believe that cross-cultural understanding is fundamental to developing mutual respect and tolerance of the people from around the world. Our programs provide cultural experiences that foster good will, tolerance, and understanding through a positive people-to-people experience.

At the same time, host companies benefit from an educated, multi-lingual, multi-cultural, and enthusiastic boost to their work forces. Participanting employers are available to cover seasonal demand or through longer term structured work placements.

At our core is a desire to make the world a better place by encouraging friendships and understanding between people of the world. We understand that it starts with providing opportunities to the students who are the future talent and pillars of world.

Major opportunities are in the fields of Hospitality & Tourism in India, Dubai, France, Germany, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius Singapore, Switzerland and USA (J1 Visa).

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Students / Colleges / Universities can call on +91 80000 11022 or email on hotelinternship.net@gmail.com visit www.hotelinternship.net to know more about various International program options for students in domains of Work – Travel – Internship – Cultural Exchange activities during or immidiate after the curriculum.