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Settle Abroad with Family

Migration has become a common phenomenon in recent times with more people willing to move away from their country and settle down in another country. People today are willing to move abroad for work, study or for better quality of life.

The reasons for moving abroad differs from person to person but the primary motive to migrate can be either for employment, studies, a better quality of life or just to expand one’s horizons.

The benefits of migrating to another country are many. It gives opportunities to live in a new environment, meet new people and experience a different culture. It provides opportunities to learn a new language. Besides this, migration gives an opportunity for professional development and personal growth.

Immigrating for the betterment of life is practiced since old ages. People feel comfortable & opportunistic in different parts of the world. At R.A.J, we provide guidance and facilitate the legal process of immigration to all wanting to go abroad. Every country has different criteria to be eligible as an immigrant that broadly falls under the following categories:


  • A multicultural society and a thriving economy, Australia has a lot to offer a newcomer. Australian permanent residence visas are issued with a validity of five years, allowing you to move to the country and settle in Australia with your family.

  • You can apply for Australian citizenship after living in Australia for three years on a PR visa, provided you fulfil the other eligibility requirements.


  • Found to be the most-welcoming country for a migrant, Canada has streamlined immigration policies making it easier to apply.
  • 432,000 newcomers are to be welcomed by Canada in 2022. A majority of these will be through economic immigration.
  • Express Entry has a standard processing time of within six months (from the date of receipt of the completed application).
  • Canada PR visas are issued for five years, and can be renewed. After living in Canada as a permanent resident for a minimum of three years out of five years – that is, 1095 days – you can apply to take up Canadian citizenship. Provided, however, that you meet the other eligibility requirements.


  • High demand for skilled workers in Germany is generating many opportunities for immigrants in diverse industries and sectors.
  • Germany is said to offer among the quickest visa decisions. Moreover, when you choose to migrate to Germany, you gain access to the entire European Union (EU).
  • The easiest country to immigrate to will be as per your individual circumstances and requirements.

Family Immigration

To have close family member or spouse living in the country of destination

Skilled Worker Immigration

To be highly educated and / or practicing a profession which is in demand in the country of destination

Investor’s Immigration

To have sufficient capital and opportunity to invest in the country of destination

Entrepreneur / Business Immigration

To have been running a successful business that requires expansion in the form of taking it to the country of destination
Eligibility Criteria

How to Apply ?

  • Step 1

    Check eligibility

  • Step 2

    Finding out if you score the required points, if applicable (67 points needed for Express Entry, 65 points for SkillSelect).

  • Step 3

    Arrange the list requirements with the help of our overseas professionals team members.

  • Step 4

    Register an Expression of Interest profile

  • Step 5

    Receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA)

  • Step 6

    Submit completed application.

If applying under the provincial route to Canadian permanent residence, you will have to go through a two-step application process. Firstly, a nomination by any of the provinces/territories part of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) will have to be secured.

The Nomination Certificate can then be used to apply for permanent residence. The decision to grant Canadian permanent residence is the sole prerogative of the federal department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

R.A.J. Consultant provides unbiased immigration advice

At R.A.J. Consultant,  we don’t sell, we counsel.

We help our clients discover the best country for them and give them unbiased advice on their best migration options. 

Our immigration counsellors work with you to find out your preferences, identify the most ideally-suited countries with the best prospects for successful migration, along with the most optimum future prospects.

We are up-to-date with the latest immigration laws and policies and offer you timely, accurate advice to make the right immigration decision.

Every year, thousands of people turn to Y-Axis to achieve their global ambitions. Our knowledge, expertise and experience in global immigration practices makes us the first choice for individuals and families seeking to build a new life abroad.

Get Evaluated

Migration is a highly technical process.

Our Evaluation Experts analyze your profile to help you make an informed decision.

Your Eligibility Evaluation report contains:

Score Card

For various countries, there are various types of scoring counting system. 

So, to start an evaluation, we must go through evaluation system for particular countries and get capability scores to apply.

Country Profile

For selection of country, we must go through particular country requirements as per scoring grade or points.


So, we are going to make and build applicant's profile for application to get eligibility score.

Occupation Search

As per country profile building, we will search an occupation appropriately, which will be suitable to your profile. 


We will make an application to particular employers which suits your occupation, supported to increase score eligibility.

Profile Building

As mentioned before, we have to make a profile as per requirements of particular country. 


We organize and arrange all the required documentations for application of particular country.

Cost & Time Estimate

At the final stage of migration application, we should calculate two things in specific, Time & Cost Estimation.


For particular countries, both of the things are varies with countries selection.