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Global Citizen: Ideology change for a better future

One has always been inspired by the notion of “Global Citizenship”. Does it align with the positive values of human kind? i.e. oneness, freedom, knowledge, exposure, opportunities… Does it support an unfulfilled desire to make a borderless world? How much is achieved? The aspiration of this blog is not to identify and measure the social or political impact, but to understand the importance of nurturing an idea of being Global Citizen. Migration is an age old phenomena to achieve an improved personal and commercial stand. World is on a count of more than 230 million (23 crore) migrants as per United Nation’s data and nearly 640 million (64 crore) wants to migrate if they get a chance. The maximum number of people migrates to U.S.A, as a country, and Europe, as a region. This mere fact plays a vital role in the business cycle of multi-billion $ industries like Real Estate and Travel & Hospitality and eventually have a grand economical impact. In this ever changing world of opportunities, every country seeks a specific type of talent pool to match their economical targets. As a result, every country’s foreign affairs department works on a constant modification of their immigration policies. The new Investor visas by USA/UK/Canada…, Express Entry Visa by Canada, Blue card in Europe, asylum/refugee status… are some examples. Not just for countries who take the pain to fulfill their need gap, but migration in itself is a struggle-some experience for individuals (potential migrants). Eligibility measures differ for each interest groups: For students – it is about being meritorious, For working professionals – it is about having unique set of expertise, skills & talent, For companies – it is about their size, growth & opportunities; everyone needs to hold extra merits. Again, being eligible is just the first step but does not mark’s a definite success. One has to identify correct opportunities and correct fit on the foreign land. International Consultants like “R.A.J Consultant” are the mentors of such process. They don’t just check your eligibility and process an application, but more importantly finds opportunities and prepares you for a successful experience. Above all, a right mindset is a key to be a “Global Citizen”. One is required to discharge the idea of carrying a specific nationality and consider the world as one nation, to nurture a sense of belongingness to the world community. Your Travel or migration should be in the direction of changing needs & opportunities. It should never be an inclination for a particular place, but should meet the law of demand & supply of opportunities. Global sustainability depends on equal and lawful distribution of economical and human resources. And to be a global citizen it is even more important to follow this ideology. Forced immigration (the recent example from Syria) or illegal immigration does not fall into the definition of Global citizenship.

To be a successful global citizen, one should start from being globally oriented citizen. All modern tools and technology for travel and communication are the tools of globally oriented citizen; it could be an internet – mobile phone – Airplanes…

All this is to see a better future of mankind. Enormous amount of benefits could be achieved in the race for equality, development, economical upliftment, environmental sustainability and human rights. The techno-economical environment is in the era of a vigorous talent hunt, are you the right fit at right place? Global economy is on a desperate move to provide a platform for trade and investment opportunities, is your organization waiting for such opportunities? Now is the time to act and make your world; a world of opportunities, progress and prosperity.

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